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About Me

I live and think web development.

I am an accomplished, enthusiastic and determined professional with a solid background in IT project management and development of customized web/server-based applications. I have extensive experience in the online space, and have yet to encounter a deadline I couldn’t meet. I am highly organized, have good knowledge of IT project/product delivery and web development technologies.

I am valued for the passion I put into my work. More than anything, I enjoy people, collaboration, and an opportunity to exercise and develop my skills.

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She will receive her masters degree in may 2013 and plans to begin work on her doctorate upon graduation.

My Skills

  • Web Development (LAMP)
  • HTML/CSS/JScript
  • Agile (CSM)
  • PMP (PMI)
  • Product Management (CSPO)


  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Expression Engine


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    Project Management

    I am web Project Manager highly skilled in both iterative/waterfall project management processes, Agile Scrum development framework. I possess 12+ consecutive years of web development experience. Additionally, I am well-versed in PHP/MySQL web development (LAMP), .NET, UX design, and information architecture.

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    Web Development

    Over the last 12 years (at various times) I was forced to learn how to develop for the web. In my world, the product always is delivered on time. In that time I got pretty good. Who knew?

  • Content Management & Electronic Commerce

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  • Information Architecture & Usability

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After a project is complete, clients and/or colleagues are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

photo of Vance Hickin

“Robert handles complex projects very well, balancing strategic needs, client nuances and technology challenges with an even keel and an eye toward the final deliverable. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

Vance Hickin
Digital Strategist, Obama for America 2012

photo of Chris Hare

“I’ve worked with Robert for a decade now – and I can personally vouch for his incredible personal and professional integrity. His powerful combination of tech and project management methodology acumen will simply blow you away. His qualifications are nonpareil – and his knowledge base is akin to his love for the botanic – ever-flourishing. I cannot speak highly enough of his character.”

Chris Hare, PMP
Senior Project Manager at United Online

photo of Michael Weiss

“Loyalty, dedication, professionalism, experience – these are words that define Robert. He clearly understands that while we are a service and client oriented agency we are also in the business of making a profit and being successful. Robert goes to bat for both the client and the company and does so with finesse, ease and confidence. Robert has been a Project Manager at imagistic for over 6 years and I have to say we are a better company because of him.”

Michael Weiss, Content Strategist, Pitch Doctor & Speaker

photo of Matt Anderson

“Robert came on board at a time when we needed people to hold up their hand and say “I can do it” without being hand held. In fact, he went beyond this and frequently improved upon our process and delivered above our expectations. The one thing I learnt from him which sticks with me to today is, do not assume you know what you need, let the Robert Sullivan’s of the world tell you.”

Matt Anderson
Principle @ man made

photo of Greg Quilop

“Robert Sullivan is a no nonsense project manager who is eager to help in any way to keep a project moving. Robert establishes a great relationship with his team of developers and clients and is very thorough in his project plans and budgeting schedule. I would work with Robert on any project.”

Greg Quilop
Senior Front End Web Developer and Web Producer at The MathWorks

photo of Marty Beckers

“Robert is very professional, knowledgeable, and great at what he does. He has this easygoing attitude that makes working comfortable, and at the same time, he is great at planning for every contingency. I have never worked with him on a single project that didn’t progress smoothly and end perfectly. He’s just an all around great project manager.”

Marty Beckers
Computer Software Consultant and Professional


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